Tri-state companies seek out unemployed veterans

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - More than 80 local businesses came out to Paul Brown Stadium Thursday to meet with former military personnel looking for work. They were met by hundreds of unemployed or underemployed Tri-state veterans.

During the event, veterans had the chance to meet with current General Electric employees who are also U.S. military veterans to get resume writing and mentoring advice.

Veteran's like Donald Skeene, who spent four years in the Navy, went table to table looking for a new career opportunity. This is now his third military fair with nothing to show for it.

"They tell me when I get out of the military there will be jobs, there will be jobs everywhere. Where are they at?" Skeene questioned.

Instead of getting bitter, however, Skeene is getting on his feet looking for better work.

"You can't blame that on the military," he said. "I mean, the economy went down. What can you do?"

"A veteran that needs a job immediately it's right here at this job fair if he can get himself qualified," veteran and American Legion member Don Dubois said.

It is that gap in qualification that many veterans are having a hard time bridging.

"I didn't go to school and now the computer age, it's like you've got to go to school or else you don't know," Army veteran Reginald Carter said. "You get left behind. The typing is what I have a problem with."

Dubois says what some military veterans like Carter may be lacking in class credits they often make up for in dedication.

"They're giving you your money's worth," Dubois said of hiring businesses. "They're not bums. They get up early in the morning, they work all day, they go to bed, you know?"

Companies like Cincinnati Incorporated recognize the value in hiring military veterans.

"The attitude that college is a requirement today kind of belittles what people in the military do," Navy veteran Aaron Glauser with Cincinnati Incorporated said. "The type of dedication, even if they don't have the specific training, the dedication they exhibited by service to our country should be enough to give them the opportunity to go to work."

For Skeene, he's not giving up hope.

"Hopefully something will come out of it," he said. "Third time's the charm, right?"

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