Oyler School moves back home to Lower Price Hill

A Cincinnati Public School is on the move.

Oyler School in Price Hill is leaving its temporary swing space on Grand Avenue and heading back to its original building on Hatmaker Street in Lower Price Hill.

The so-called new building has been home to Oyler for more than 80 years.

Over the last two years the district has invested 21 million dollars to renovate and update the aging building.

Principal Craig Hockenberry says the new interior is a major improvement from before.

"It was dim and that lighting was consistent throughout the building. Now it's bright, it's colorful, it just sends a completely different feel when you walk in," says Hockenberry.

For English teacher Nick Corey the transition space did its job but says the students deserve better.

"It has been a good temporary spot but it's not home and that is what we are looking forward to," says Corey.

The new space features the same 108,000 square feet but by moving things around no offers a larger gym, cafeteria, auditorium, classrooms and hallways. The building is more energy efficient and safer for student and faculty entry.

The biggest addition and popular feature for students in air conditioning throughout the entire building.

"I think the cold air will help me concentrate more and I won't be complaining about how hot it is," says 5th grader Kiara Wiedner.

The new school opens on the first day of school for CPS on August 22.

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