Local coalition calls for statewide jobs campaign

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters' statement about the cause of crime in Cincinnati is being described Rev. Nelson Pierce, a community organizer as "not intentionally racist, but it does have implications that play along racial lines very strongly."

In an interview with the Cincinnati Enquirer published May 1, Deters said, "It is apparent that the crime problem in Cincinnati is now intractable. I still believe the core issues remain - teen pregnancy, absentee fathers and unsupervised children."

Reverend Pierce organized a rally outside the county courthouse Friday calling for Deters to embrace a "New Vision" on combating crime.

"When unemployment is high in neighborhoods...when the neighborhoods have low jobless rates that violence is high...and as unemployment decreases...that violence and crime decrease," said the reverend.

Pierce says there's plenty of social science to back him up like professor William Julius Wilson's book When Work Disappears. Pierce says that's why he's call for a statewide jobs campaign. "If we're going to be serious about addressing these issues of violence and crime that we have to start with bringing jobs back to our state and back to our county."

Pierce has collected petition signatures asking Deters to enforce a local hiring policy. "Our prosecutor has ignored the policy and neglected to fulfill his duty...in terms of enforcing this policy."

In our commitment to balanced news we reached out to Joe Deters to get his side of the story, but the county prosecutor will only say that he fully stands  by his statement.

We also reached out to Governor Kasich's office which issued the following statement. "Creating a jobs-friendly environment in Ohio and putting people back to work has been Gov. Kasich's top priority from day one. And the good news for this group is that the governor's singular focus on job creation is paying off. Since Gov. Kasich has been in office, more than 73,000 jobs have been created, and in February, Ohio was #2 in the nation in job creation."

In the face of shrinking budgets its unclear how a statewide jobs campaign would be financed.

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