Wildlife officials band young Peregrine falcons

Source: Ohio Department of Wildlife
Source: Ohio Department of Wildlife

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Ohio Department of Natural Resources banded peregrine falcon chicks on Monday at the nest site in downtown Cincinnati.

Princess and her mate, Dwight, have produced three chicks at the downtown Cincinnati nest. Princess is now 13 years old and was originally at the Busch Agricultural Complex in Wisconsin. She has spent each nesting season in Cincinnati, although not always at the same next site.

Division of Wildlife biologists outfit the 3-week old peregrine falcon chicks with state and federal identification bands.

The nesting site is located at the 4th and Vine tower. It is one of 36 nesting sites throughout Ohio. Nesting locations include tall city buildings, bridges, steel manufacturing companies, grain processors and power plants.

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