Winning Lotto Tickets Sold in Tri-State

What are the odds that the winning tickets for two big lottery jackpots were sold right here in the tri-state?  About as bad as winning the lottery itself, but it happened Saturday night.

The winning ticket for Ohio's Super Lotto Plus game was sold in Green Hills at the Village Keg Wine and Spirits.  The jackpot was 12 million, but the ticket is worth 6 million dollars.  This small business has proven to be a lucky spot in past.  This is the second time a Super Lotto winner was bought from that store.  Every time, the business gets a cut.  This pay-off could be between ten and twelve grand.

"Just the extra money into your business, extra publicity being on the news can't hurt us, it's all a good thing.  I wish I had bought the ticket, but I'll take selling it!" says store manager Rob Kenny.

The winning ticket for the eleven point nine milliond dollar Lotto South jackpot in Kentucky was bought at Save-On-Cigs on west third street in Covington.  Employees at other convienance stores in the area are disappointed they didn't sell the hot ticket, but they say it's exciting to know that big luck can hit close to home.

"Actually, it's a nice little kickback to know that some little poor Kentuckian won some money!" says Angie McKeefer, employee at Riverfront Market Deli in Covington.

No one knows who the winners are yet.  If you haven't checked your ticket yet, here are the numbers:

LOTTO SOUTH:  16 22 28 35 45 47

SUPER LOTTO PLUS:  23 29 32 35 37 47 +48