Cincinnati police launch cadet program

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Michael Greer says he wants to be a police officer some day and now he's getting a close look at what that would be like thanks to a new cadet program.

Greer is one of 40 teenagers who've been accepted into the new Police Cadet program with Cincinnati police.

Greer's mother, Sgt. Olivia Brown says she couldn't be happier.  "I'm ecstatic. I'm really excited about him and his commitment to follow in my footsteps.  I really didn't want him to. I was a little apprehensive at first," she said.

14-year-old Darius Chatman is the son of retired officer Daryl Chatman. Darius' mother, Officer Rosa Chatman, says the cadet program is a great opportunity. "I just want to give him a sense of direction and understanding the work world," she said.

City Manager Milton Dohoney says the program will benefit the city and the cadets. "We say that we want young people to be responsible in the community. We then have to give them the opportunity to do it," said Dohoney.

Lt. Lisa Davis says each of the cadets, 22 girls and 18 boys, will be teamed up with a Student Resource Officer. "They'll be staying in the central business district. They'll be seen during lunch hours, on Fountain Square, around P & G, around the whole business section based off of data of what is going on downtown," she said.

"They'll be deployed in such a way as to deter crime because we're going to staff our cadets in areas with police officers where we're having pockets of issues," said Chief James Craig.

Mayor Mark Mallory says the cadets will serve as ambassadors for the World Choir Games. "You said you want to help out during a critical time when the city of Cincinnati will showcase itself to the world during the world choir games," said Mayor Mallory.

The program lasts for eight weeks during which time the cadets will be paid $8.50 an hour and work a 30 hour week.

The program is funded by the city and private donations.

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