Syrup spill at Buttermilk...coincidence?

The Rally Pack hanging with the man himself for Dusty Baker night at GABP.
The Rally Pack hanging with the man himself for Dusty Baker night at GABP.
See ya later, Chad Ochocinco!
See ya later, Chad Ochocinco!

Another work week under our belts and things are looking great for your weekend!

Meteorologist Katy Morgan is saying that we can expect mostly sunny skies today with highs in the low 80s.

Tune-in starting at 4 AM for all of your current weather conditions as well as a complete seven-day forecast by out weather all-stars, Katy and Frank!

Attention Kentucky drivers: If you plan on taking I-75N for your morning commute, you might want to give yourself a little extra time. An accident involving a semi-truck carrying thousands of gallons of Hungry Jack Syrup has made for a sticky situation at the northbound Buttermilk Pike exit. As of 3 AM, the left two lanes at Buttermilk are still closed while crews work to clean up the mess. Hopefully by the time you head out the door things will be cleared, but I still wanted to give you a heads-up just in case!

For all of your morning commute updates, be sure to check out Stephanie Woods' Traffic Tracker reports from 4:30-9 AM.

BREAKING NEWS: A little boy who went missing in South Fairmount has been found this morning and is at home, safe with his family. Thomas "T.J." Lynn was found by police this morning in downtown Cincinnati. Rob Williams and Tracey Johnson will have the very latest on this story at 4:30 AM.

A domestic dispute in Lawerenceburg has evolved into a stand-off with police. When officers responded to the 911 call at a house downtown, they encountered a man holding them off with people inside the house. We have confirmed that shots have been exchanged between the man and the officers. Dan Wells will be live this morning monitoring the situation.

Crews are putting the finishing touches the "Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Fields" this morning for a big ribbon cutting ceremony this weekend. Brad Underwood will be live in Fairfield with more on this story at 5 AM.

It's adios, Ochocinco when it comes to the New England Patriots. The former Bengal and realty TV star has been dropped from the team after just one season. I wonder what he's going to get himself into now? The list is getting limited with soccer, bull riding and NASCAR already being crossed off.

It was a perfect night to be at Great American Ball Park but unfortunately, Aroldis Chapman's streak came to an end. Michael McKenry drove in the first earned run allowed by Chapman with an RBI double in the 10th inning on Thursday night, rallying the Pittsburgh Pirates to a 5-4 victory over the Cincinnati Reds.

Kudos to all of the ladies sticking it to the guys in the world of science! Regina Hall and Karen Venetian will be here at 9:25 during the Morning Xtra to talk about the "Women in Science" event at the Cincinnati Museum Center. The event is scheduled for 4-8PM and will include our very own Katy Morgan!

That wraps up your Friday morning headlines! Here's to the start of a great weekend!

I'll talk to you on Monday!