Southseas Dessert Topping - Pina Colada Flavors by Cheri Brinkman

This is a great summer dessert topping for cakes and sundaes which echoes the famous "pina colada" cocktail with both pineapple and coconut but no alcohol or alcohol flavors so it is ok to serve to everyone in the family. This can be easily made and served over ice cream and cake. It makes a fun and refreshing change  for summer parties and barbeques.
For Cake:
1 Angel Food Cake ( Bar or Round):
1  can vanilla/white icing ** ( for a fancier cake)
½ 15 oz can of crushed pineapple ( DRAINED)
½  C ( or more) toasted coconut flakes
Whipped Topping/Cream
Optional: Maraschino Cherries
1. Put iced or un-iced cake on a serving plate.
2. Top with crushed pineapple, It HAS to be drained or you will have a really soggy cake!
3. Top with the toasted coconut flakes* Toasting directions below.
4. Slice and trim slices with a cherry and whipped cream.
For Ice Cream:
1. Top a scoop of vanilla ice cream with 2 large Tblsps of UNDRAINED crushed pineapple.
2. Add 1 Tblsp of  toasted coconut flakes
3. Top with whipped cream and a cherry
Optional: We have tried this with a cinnamon popped shell and also with putting the ice cream on crushed cinnamon graham crackers for extra flavor.

For Toasted Cocoanut:
Coconut Flakes: Sweetened (These can be purchased in 7 or 15 oz bags. Buying the larger bags is usually a better value and you can use this more than one time and also heat the house up less in hot weather!)
1. Heat oven to 325 degrees.
2. Put coconut on a cookie sheet in a single layer.
3. Every 10- 15 seconds stir the coconut as it browns. DO NOT leave it in the oven or it will burn. This only takes about 3-5 minutes tops.
4. When you have a nice mix of white and brown coconut remove from the oven to cool.
5. Use cooled coconut on desserts, store on the shelf in a zip bag or air tight container. It is better to make a bunch up at one time to have on hand for several days.