CDC predicting a summer with mosquitos

You might want to keep a can of bug spray on hand this summer.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is calling 2012 one of the worst mosquito summers on record.

Experts say there are a number of factors resulting in the spike of mosquitos and other pesky insects this year. One reason may be the mild winter, causing mosquitoes to come up earlier in the year.

Health experts are also anticipating an increased number of lyme disease cases, a disease carried by ticks.

The Mosquito Squad, a company that works to treat and prevent mosquito and tick infestations, suggests the five T's to aid in mosquito control: Tip, Turn, Toss, Tarp and Treat.

They say to "tip" areas of standing water, including tarps and children's portable sandboxes.

Sarah Griggs of the Mosquito Squad reveals, "Even something as small as a loose bottle cap, that somebody accidentally left, this is kind of a big one but a bottle cap this size can produce 300 mosquito eggs in one small bottle cap."

The CDC also suggests some general protective measures when outdoors. Being aware of peak exposure times for bites and where ticks are commonly found is advised, as well as wearing long-sleeved shirts, long pants, boots and hats.

Treatment is also an option for your skin and yard, including natural and chemical treatments.

For pet owners, doctors recommend treating your pet year round for pesky insects. They say prevention is key with increasing cases of animals with fleas and ticks.

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