Postal worker removed from route after running over dog

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - A United States Postal Service spokesperson says a worker has been removed from his route after running over and killing a dog.

The incident happened last week in Covington.

Nelson Hamm, who lives in Devou Park, says he was sitting on his couch Thursday afternoon when he noticed his 3-year-old Golden Retriever, Nala, run up to the mail truck.

"He started up and I said, 'get outta there Nala, get outta there,' and he started up over her, but he couldn't get all the way over her head and neck," said Hamm, "He backed down and went up again and couldn't get over her, then he backed up a third time and the tires were spinning and smoke was coming out of her neck."

At first, Hamm thought Nala was okay.

"She got up and I thought, 'My God she's alright,' but she wasn't," said Hamm. "She came inside the door, fell on the floor and I kissed her nose and she licked me and dropped dead."

Hamm said the mailman went up the street and went about his business like nothing happened.

"My buddy who he delivered some stuff to said, 'Did you see how fast that guy was going?' and I said, 'Yea, I saw him,'" said Hamm. "He said, 'I wonder why?' and I said, 'I know why. My dog's laying there dead in the house."

The postal inspector in Covington is investigating the matter, but told Hamm's neighbors that the carrier admitted to running over the dog. The carrier told his boss that he saw the dog go back inside the house and didn't realize the dog had died.

USPS officials would not release any more information on the status of the postal worker.

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