What's Working: Florence Church Saves Trees and Helps Children

What can you buy with a quarter? You can't even buy a stick of gum at FOX19. But the Hopeful Lutheran Church is offering used books, DVDs, and games for the same price.

"[We're] giving all the books a second, third chance. I know I put books in that were given to me by other folks, now they have a chance to live on and give a good story to other folks," said Pastor Blair Fields of the Hopeful Lutheran Church.

Hardbacks are a dollar and paperbacks only 25 cents. Plus you get change in a child's life. The church is donating all funds from the book sale to the charity Kids Against Hunger.

"I think it gives people a chance to feel like they're tangibly doing something to affect people in other parts of the world," Fields said. "We feel kind of helpless and this is a way to help, and a very tangible way of doing that."

Just one book pays for one meal, which will feed a child for a day. The nutrient-rich meals are made with rice and soy. Although it's designed to be bland, you can put your own Cincy twist on it.

"You can add spices and things to it so it can taste like chili," Fields said.

Pastor Fields and his flock have only been fundraising for Kids Against Hunger since February but have already raised almost 20,000 meals. Their goal is double that but you get help them get there one page at a time.

"We've even thought of maybe continuing it into the future in some way," Fields said. "Not sure what yet but maybe a used book center where people could bring used books in, take some books home, and keep them going. Instead of a library, just trade them. Trade them or donate some meals."

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