Middletown Mayor

Councilwoman proposes letting people elect the mayor

The idea of letting the people -- instead of City Council -- elect the mayor of Middletown has emerged again. City Councilwoman Nancy Nix has sent a memo to her colleagues proposing that city voters be asked to decide whether to change the city's charter to allow them to elect the mayor. Nix said Middletown's government is a system of all chiefs and no Indians and needs a leader. It's not a new idea in Middletown. In 2000, the then-City Commission turned down a proposal by a charter review commission to put the measure on the ballot. Nix says the council should at least let the people decide whether they want to choose their mayor or let council choose it for them.

Under the charter, the mayor and vice mayor are chosen every January from the council's membership. A city manager handles the day-to-day administrative work.