Covedale Rocks!!

Hello! My Block Rocks because it is full of happy healthy kids and happy Grandmas and Grandpas.

The mix is awesome. On any given day you can see families walking their children in strollers or elderly people walking their dogs, or kids walking the elderly peoples dogs. In a block from Covedale to Glenna on Highview drive their are over 25 children that play outside daily. The only downside is the buses and cars that wizz by at rates of speed well above the speed limit. It isn't unlikely to see people taking care of their lawns or neighbors taking each others trash cans back to keep the street looking good. It also isn't unlikely to see the kids howling in laughter while the parents sit around and "hang out" just having a beer or good conversation, nothing crazy, just relaxing and fun. Neighbors stopping by and talk of the street and houses and how to improve or what is next on the agenda. A new furnace, new car or just saving for a trip to Disney. Dads playing ball or hide and go seek. Highview in covedale is a great place to be.

Gina Bick