No levy on the November ballot for Lakota

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - After three consecutive failed levies, the Lakota School Board is leaning toward not putting a levy on the ballot in November.

It's a decision some community members don't agree with.

"I think it should be put on the ballot, just to see if it will get another chance to pass," said Kari Bakmaz. "I think it will benefit the parents and the kids."

Kari Bakmaz has children in the Lakota School District and has supported the last three levy attempts. She's concerned that no levy will mean more cuts.

"The more teachers you layoff, you're going to have more students per classroom and they won't get as much individual attention," said Bakmaz.

Liberty Township resident Rich Hoffman, who has voted "no" for past Lakota levies, has a different opinion.

"I think it is a marvelous decision. It's the first time in a long time that I agree with the school board," said Hoffman. "It's a wonderful thing to see that some of them are starting to listen to the other 18,000 people that voted against the levy."

School Board President Ben Dibble says November is not the right time to give a levy another try. He believes the district needs more direction from the community.

"We need to know what the community is wanting and what the community is willing to pay for," said Dibble. "And a lot of that is doing outreach to community to find out what people really do want to see in the education we are offering our youth."

The school district does have a balanced budget for next year, and Ben Dibble says he doesn't expect any immediate additional cuts to the district without a levy on the ballot in November.

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