Alumni fight to save school name

The Three Rivers School District is building a new school after years of failing levies to fund the project.

The new location on Cooper Road in Cleves will merge Miami Heights Elementary, Charles T. Young Elementary, Three Rivers Middle School and Taylor High School into one building.

But there is controversy over what to name the new school.

Hundreds of alumni have signed a petition to keep Taylor the name of the entire Pre-K-12 school.

"I want it to continue to be named Taylor High School. I really have a hard time understanding why we want to change it," says Bruce Kraus, Taylor High School Class of 1972.

School Board President Angela Weisgerber says the challenge with picking a name is the school will no longer just be a high school.

"The challenge that we face is that we have a pre-K through 12th grade and we need to look at all the ways and all the scenarios for naming that building," says Weisgerber.

The board approved a six person committee to reach out to the community and brain storm ideas for what to call the new school.

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