Still no suspects in string of Butler County arson fires

LINDENWALD, OH (FOX19) - A string of arsons in the Lindenwald area is leaving investigators with more questions than answers.

The fires were set Thursday of last week and into the weekend. Authorities still don't have any suspects.

"The flames were shooting up about 45 feet up into that tree right there, so they were very high flames," said Mike Fox, whose property was damaged by one of the fires. "And the damage to both garages is ranging anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000."

Investigators say Thursday night someone lit a couch on fire that was being left outside to be collected by the trash man. Two other similar fires were set that same night, and one the following night.

"The Fairview St. fire spread to a privacy fence, and the Williams St. and Freeman St. fire, someone saw the mattress burning and pulled it away from the garage or else we would have had another garage fire," said Tom Angst, Arson Investigator for the Hamilton Police Department.

Investigators don't believe any kind of accelerant, like gasoline, was used. But all the fires were started in back alleyways.

"There is a good chance somebody saw something and has not come forward or doesn't know they saw something," said Angst. "So any type of information would be greatly appreciated."

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