Skydiver sets world record, jumping with 10 US flags in a day

Dan Aukstikalnus says he has a passion and a love for skydiving more than any other sport.

Aukstikalnus is an Army veteran who celebrated this Flag Day by making 10 parachute jumps and  carrying American flags ranging in size from 15 square feet to 7,800 square feet.

"Just to bring some awareness to the American flag and to give it some justice. By turning the canopy and the parachute you can get that angle and it just...especially when you look at the 7800 square foot flag its truly beautiful," he said.

The jumps are a world record and Aukstikalnus says its something that takes some practice.

"Honestly it is a lot of hard work in training. Its all about the training especially with this sport. Its nothing like any other sport that I've ever encountered and I think that's why I love it so much," he said.

Aukstikalnus and Team Fastrax have made jumps carrying all ten flags at once to commemorate September 11.

"What we try to do is maneuver them where we're all pretty much together and its very dangerous because of course every one of these has weights on them and of course if you get tangled up in a parachute you know it could...cause some problems," said Aukstikalnus.

Dave Hart with Team Fastrax says the team has jumped all over the world and they even jump at night.

"We also do a night pyrotechnic show. So we get out of the plane at night and basically light ourselves on we're performers," he said.

Aukstikalnus says his next challenge is to skydive with a 10,000 square foot flag.

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