Giuliani Calls For Unity

Giuliani calls for unity

The man who became one of America's most recognizable figures as he presided over the aftermath of the Nine-Eleven attack is calling for unity. Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani told the Nine-Eleven Commission today that the time for blame is past. His former police and fire chiefs were sharply criticized by the panel yesterday. In his words, "Our enemy is not each other but the terrorists who attacked us, murdered our loved ones" and continue to threaten "our security, safety and survival." But at one point during his testimony, relatives of some of those killed heckled Giuliani. A commission staff report out today says that basic flaws in New York's emergency phone system may have contributed to deaths of people inside the World Trade Center when it was attacked. Giuliani recounted telling his police commissioner that the attack had thrown them into uncharted territory and the main task was to keep people together and focused.