Lockland fire forces out at least two families

Police and fire investigators are looking into the cause of a fire which damaged an apartment building in the 300 block of North Wayne in Lockland.

The fire, which was reported around 3 p.m., also led to lots of smoke and water damage in a second apartment and smoke damage to a couple more.  As of late Saturday afternoon, all power was shut down in the building and the families in at least two of the apartments were moved into other apartments in the complex.

Demetria Turner lives in a nearby building and says she saw the flames. "I came around here to see what was actually going on and there was more smoke and I seen the fire on the back side of the apartment and it was just out of control. It was big, really big," said Turner.

Turner says fire got everyone's attention. "Lot of smoke, lot of flames, lot of commotion...everybody came outside...the whole building, the whole backside of the building had fire on it," Turner said.

9-year-old Tione Amaru lives next door to the apartment where the fire started and says her mother noticed the fire. "I guess it caught on fire and my mom was cooking and she smelled something burning so she walked outside and there was big huge....dirt clouds coming out the windows," said Amaru.

Wyoming Fire Chief Robert Rielage says crews from seven different fire departments were called in to provide plenty of manpower. "The fact of the 90 degree temperature and humidity and obviously wearing turnout gear and SCBA self contained breathing apparatus takes a toll on the fire fighters so two additional companies were called to replenish that for the salvage and overhaul portion of the fire," said Chief Rielage.

Rielage says they had their hands full. "The fire was pretty well advanced. They were about ready to have what is termed a rollover," he said.

A roll over is when hot gases rise to the ceiling and the flames appear to roll. Rielage says it's a dangerous situation which fire fighter are trained to handle. "They were breaking up the thermal column as it was coming out trying to find fresh air and then went in and knocked down the fire at the seat of the fire."

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