NEW: Missing teen now in the custody of her mother

Carlee Garrison (Source: Pendleton County Sheriff's Office)
Carlee Garrison (Source: Pendleton County Sheriff's Office)

FALMOUTH, KY (FOX19) - Carlee Garrison, the mentally disabled woman who went missing on Sunday, is now in the care of her mother.

On Tuesday, police arrested Angela England Gibson in connection with Garrison's disappearance at her home in Campbell County.

Gibson is the mother of Brendan England, a man Garrison met online.

Police say England was with Garrison in Jacksonville, N.C..

Carlee's mother told FOX19 on Tuesday that she spoke with her daughter and England. She says England said he didn't know Carlee was under the custody of her mother, so he agreed to go to authorities.

Gibson has been charged with custodial interference. According to Carlee's mother, England was taken into custody around 2 p.m. on Wednesday and is now being held in the Onslow County Jail in North Carolina. There is still no word on whether England will face any charges.

"She (Angela Gibson) told them that she wasn't going to tell them anything about where they were or search the house," said Sgt. Jared Brewer with the Pendleton County Sheriff's Department "She wasn't willing to give any information on her whereabouts. That ultimately allowed me to get a warrant for her arrest."

Garrison posted the following message on her Facebook page on Tuesday evening, "Hey everybody its carlee i am okay i am sitting here at the police office.. I just want to go home i miss home i miss my family love all of you."

Garrison's mother posted on her Facebook page Tuesday evening that she was on her way to North Carolina to pick Carlee up. She has since picked her up and they are now headed to stay with family in North Carolina.

A 'Golden Alert' in Kentucky is issued when a person 18-years-old or older goes missing and suffers from Alzheimer's or a mental disability.

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