Kentucky lifts ban on fireworks, first store opens in Florence

FLORENCE, KY (FOX19) - The Commonwealth of Kentucky is a fireworks friendly state after years of banning certain types of fireworks and explosives.

The City of Florence is one of the first cities in Northern Kentucky to house a brick and mortar type of firework retail space.

Phantom Fireworks opened in May after the law changed to allow permanent retail establishments to sell all types of fireworks.

"You have an establishment that can be inspected for a longer duration of the year. There is various safety aspects that would be much much more safer than the temporary tent stands," says general manager Jerad Lebretton.

Temporary tent stands are no longer allowed in the state and if a tent pops up it must be affiliated with a permanent store location.

"The intensity of the fireworks that are now allowed we did not necessarily want those just being sold anywhere and everywhere," says city council member Larry Brown.

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