How much do you love Reese cups?

Good morning!

I hope you were able to get out at some point yesterday and soak up the sun! Meteorologist Katy Morgan is saying that we're going to get our Thursday started off with lots of humidity and sunny skies, highs hitting the low 90s. A few thunderstorms could make their way into the tri-state later on this evening.

You can catch Katy and Frank all morning long with more on your current weather conditions as well as a complete seven-day forecast.

Ooh gas's at the top of everyone's you-know-what list. While the price roller coaster continues, people across the country are being encouraged to dump the pump today. Dan Wells will be live at 4:30 AM with more information.

The debate for medical marijuana is heating up in Ohio. Supporters of the "herbal cure" currently have two ballot initiatives (The Ohio Medical Cannabis Act and the Ohio Alternative Treatment Amendment) to legalize the drug for medicinal purposes but opponents argue that the decision should be left up to medical professionals.

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After a traffic nightmare in 2011, the Kentucky Speedway has been making strides to keep the same from happening again this season. Today, the Kentucky State Police will be mapping out its plan to keep the parking in the parking lots and not on the interstate. Brad Underwood will be live at 5 AM with more on the changes being made.

I've never met anyone who doesn't like Reese cups, but enough to steal hundreds of dollars worth...? There's a Reese cup bandit on the prowl near Cleveland who has stolen $600 worth of the tasty chocolate treats from a Lorain convenient store over the past couple of months. Store workers claim they have tried to stop him, but he always manages to push though the doors. Hear more on this bizarre story at 6 AM.

With all of the sunshine we've been lucky enough to have, it might be time get yourself a new pair of shades! The Solstice Sunglass Boutique will be here at 8:45 with the 2012 shade trends for the summer!

I could keep going on and on with more headlines, but I'll leave that up to the FOX19 Morning News and our Morning Xtra! Tune-in from 4-10 AM to hear these stories and much more!