Tri-State Coach Accused of Rape

34 year-old Brian Dragesic is behind bars, accused of raping a teenager three times.  He has been an assistant football coach and volunteer track coach for Reading High School.  The female student reported the problem to the school counselor.

On Wednesday, FOX19 reported that a soccer coach in St. Bernard is also accused of having sex with one of his fourteen year-old players and getting her pregnant.

Dragesic passed a criminal background check.  The mayor in St. Bernard says the checks are too expensive.

Advocates for child abuse survivors say background checks are a good tool, but they don't prevent the problem.  An adult may have offended in the past, but the crime was never reported.  Therefore they would not be in the criminal system.  In addition, there's always a time for an adult to offend for the first time.

"We as adults need to take responsibility. We as adults need to be having conversations about curbing our impulses," says Rebecca Born with Connections: A Safe Place.

Born says sex with a minor is never consensual, even if it seems like both people are willing.

"In cases of coaches and teachers and that level of leadership, it's almost like they have a culture that invites girls to it.  It's almost like a seduction that turns into abuse."

The Cincinnati Recreation Commission is required to do background checks and fingerprinting for thier coaches.  But they also do coaches' training that teaches coaches how to appropriately work with children.

"How can you not do that?  A kid's life is very important.  So how can we not do background checks and coaches' training, and trying to have the best program possible for our kids?" says Jencey Yemaya with the Cincinnati Recreation Commission.

Yemaya says it costs 15 dollars to do a state background check, 24 dollars to do an FBI check, and 4 dollars to do a local police check.  They have a cooperative agreement for the local checks, so they don't have to pay for it.  But if the cost is too great for other cities and districts, Yemaya  suggests passing the cost to the applicant.