NKY church community still waiting to rebuild after March tornado

One church community is still waiting to learn whether they will be able to rebuild more than three months after deadly tornadoes struck Northern Kentucky.

June should have been the month when services started back up at St. Mary Catholic Church.

"This year, yeah, I've really missed it," member Patty Neuspickel said.

With no church left on the hill, members have been going to St. Matthew's instead.

"Sometimes I drive past [before church]," Neuspickel amitted. "Sometimes I even stop up here for a bit … but I just go on and go to Mass."

The memory of the storm is still fresh for many members.

"I collected some hail that was bigger than golf balls and then after it passed the sun came out and there was a rainbow," member Tim Schlachter said. "It was pretty awesome. But the damage that was left, it was pretty devastating."

A church that stood for generations, flattened.

"It's going to be quite a puzzle to put back together," Schlachter said holding pieces of the alter.

"I grieved over St. Mary's like it was a person not like it was a building because it was more than a building it was the heart of our parish," Neuspickel said.

Three months later there is still no sign of rebuilding on the hill, just a field of grass and a pile of beams.

"I understand everything takes a lot of time and they're dealing with the insurance company," Neuspickel offered. "As far as I'm concerned no matter what they do up here we'll never get out church back. "

The parish priest says they are still negotiating with the insurance company, leaving the parish in ongoing talks of what to do. Major improvements would be needed if the church were to rebuild and the building was only insured for market value.

"Whatever they decide will be find with me," Neuspickel said. "I've just learned to go with the flow."

Saturday church members will be meeting at the site of St. Mary Church to clean up the last of the beams remaining on the property.

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