Majority of council attempts to halt city Atrium project

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati City Council finance committee voted 6-3 Monday to pass a motion to "cease and desist all efforts to build the City Hall Atrium Project".

Because the motion is not legislation under the City Charter according to the City Solicitor, city council members questioned the City Manager whether the project could be halted awaiting a passed ordinance on the matter.

"I will ensure that no work begins on the Atrium, but we still have to have what we have to have to make it all be legally correct," City Manager Milton Dohoney.

Dohoney says contracts have been signed by contractors, but that no contractors that have begun work.

A representative of the city administration estimated spending so far on the project has totaled $10,500.

Council member Laure Quinlivan asked the City Manager for the copies of the contracts to be provided to all city council members.

The Atrium project's goal was to renovate the courtyard at City Hall to make it an event center for weddings and other occasions.

The project came with a price tag of more than $4 million.

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