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Tips: Keep your pet cool

  • Whenever possible bring your pets indoors—preferably into air conditioning. If there is no air conditioning, use fans and keep them out of direct sunlight.
  • If your animal is an outside animal make sure they have access to shelter and a shaded area. If you have a doghouse, move it under a tree or other area that provides shade.
  • Provide plenty of fresh, cool water in a secure container that they cannot knock over.
  • Offer secondary source of cooling such as water in a kid's pool, bottles of frozen water in the cage or pen, sprinklers or misters.
  • Avoid excessive exercise or walks to early morning or late evening. *hot pavement can cause burns and blistering on paws.
  • Use preventatives for fly bites, fleas and ticks and keep the animals' pen clean and free of waste. Fly bites and cause open sores, especially to the ears of outside dogs.
  • Avoid unnecessary transportation- move livestock in the late evening or early morning.
  • Shave unnecessary fur or coats for the summer to help keep animal cool.
  • NEVER, NEVER leave any animal in a parked car even if the windows are open!
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