Ticket Blunder

Blunder allows drivers to avoid points on license

Drivers ticketed in East Cleveland for most of the past two years haven't received points on their licenses because of an administrative blunder by the city. That may change soon. Bureau of Motor Vehicles spokeswoman Julie Hinds says the East Cleveland Municipal Court hasn't sent information to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles on traffic convictions and suspensions since August 2002. Ohio law requires the courts to forward the information to the bureau within ten days. As a result of the lapse, about Eight-thousand violators have avoided points, which typically result in higher auto insurance premiums. Hinds now says each case will be reviewed and points could be added depending on the date of conviction. Points usually last only two years.

Clerk of Courts Gloria Dye said she takes full responsibility for not sending the dispositions, adding that she didn't inform her judge of the situation.