Televised Trial

Network will have access to jury deliberations

A murder trial begins today in Cuyahoga County that will be recorded in its entirety, including jury deliberations. Jury selection begins in the trial of 52-year-old Mark Ducicof Euclid. After a two-year investigation, Ducic was indicted for the 2001 death of Barbara Davis and the 2002 death of Donald Ehrke. Prosecutors say both died of drug overdoses. It's potentially a deal penalty case. A television network will have access to what goes on in jury deliberations. The trial will become part of ABC News' "State Versus ..." series of courtroom documentaries. Ducic's lawyers, Cuyahoga County prosecutors and judges and the Ohio Supreme Court agreed to grant network producers the behind-the-scenes look at the trial-by-jury process.

Ducic's case is one of six cases the ABC series is examining. The installments will air only after each defendant is tried and, if convicted, after sentencing.