Race fans give Kentucky Speedway a second shot at the Sprint Cup Series

NASCAR fans are willing to give the Kentucky Speedway a second chance at hosting the Sprint Cup Series.

Last year, thousands of people sat on the highway waiting to get into the track, some never even making it inside.

Denae and Chad Bowen sat in traffic for more than five hours, the drive normally takes just over an hour.

"It was frustrating. We were at stand still for hours at a time, not even moving at all but hopefully they got that all worked out this year," says Chad Bowen.

In addition to widening an exit ramp and roads, the speedway added 20,000 parking spaces for visitors.

The Bowens made it to the track after the first 200 laps, an experience they hope never happens again.

"Once we were there we had fun. They have a lot of kinks to work out but I think they did a pretty good job making up for it," says Denae Bowen.

The Bowens were comped free tickets for this year and plan to head back to Sparta extra early.

"We gave ourselves over double the amount of time last year and it was still obviously not even close enough. So better safe than sorry we'll leave as early as we can, probably around noon," says Denae Bowen.

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