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Your Week in Viral Videos: Love, marriage and lots of alcohol

(RNN) – A mother's love won't allow anything to separate her from her babies, not even an automatic garage door.

The sight of this mama bear raising the door to get to her cub is a tutorial in determination.

It makes you wonder how the cub got up there in the first place - just proof that no parents are immune from rescuing their kids from sticky situations.


Farming is extremely sexy. Who knew?

Nothing screams "flaming hunk" like a man surrounded by pitchforks, hay balers and heifers.

We'll let you be the judge of how many phone numbers these guys could get if they pulled up in a John Deere with chrome rims.

We're guessing tons.


Adults should know better than to display poor sportsmanship.

Usually when we see fans going berserk during ball games, their ire is directed at umpires or coaches.

But one man had the audacity to assault a kid after a hockey game – and the man was a coach, no less.


We're not saying that someone got to the wedding cake too early, but clearly something was amiss when a pier collapsed under everyone in a wedding party while they were taking photos.

It's twice as awesome that the groom had to be reminded to go back into the water to help out his new bride.

What a way to start off the rest of your life, guy.


The perfect way to end this week's installment of the best viral videos on the internet is a how-to guide on curing hangovers.

Those who prefer nothing more on the weekends than drinking until they forgot their names will especially appreciate this one (Disclaimer: We do not condone nor encourage drunkenness).

You have to love that after explaining the science behind preventing puking, nausea and headaches, the narrator urges people to know their own limits when it comes to alcohol. Really?


Let's just stick with the animal theme for now, why don't we?

It's hard to find anyone that doesn't absolutely adore cute, little kitties, but all seven of those folks will probably love this video. It shoots right to the top of the list of epic fails in the animal kingdom.

This baby cat would strike out in a ballet recital, but it hits a home run on our list.


We're pretty sure this guy has to ice his knees after continually falling from such a high distance.

The man known as "Jus Fly" is hyped as possibly the best slam dunker in the world.

Yeah, but can he set a pick and play defense?

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