Power outages and heat impact Tri-State

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Residents across the Tri-state spent the day dealing with the debris that landed in their yards following Friday's storm.

In Sharonville, it was the storm's impact on the inside of one building that kept folks at the Cottingham Retirement Community busy.

"I thought it would be two hours max. I had no idea it would last this long," resident Margaret Violand said.

With the power knocked out and only a few lights kept on by generators, residents like Violand were taken to lower floors of the center to stay cool.

"The air conditioning, it puts a pretty heavy strain on their weakened bodies," Sharonville Assistant Fire Chief John Mackey said.  "So we've come up here to assist them in any way they need."

Firefighters were on standby to assist throughout the afternoon and over a hundred residents were taken home by their families to avoid the heat.

"They asked us how long we were going to be gone and to take our time because they were thinking the power would be on at noon," said Chris Serge after picking up a family member.

Some residents who stayed passed the afternoon with cards while others took shelter in air conditioned Metro buses stationed outside. It was 24 hours before the power popped back on.

While everyone stayed safe at Cottingham, the storm is blamed for sending a West Chester couple to the hospital. Paramedics were called to Butterfly Way in response to reports of a couple suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning from a generator they started running after the storm.

Now the wait continues for thousands of Tri-state residents as Duke Energy works to fix thousands of electrical problems left over from Friday's furry.

A spokeswoman for Duke Energy says they are pulling in crews in from other states but still expect outages for some customers to continue through Monday and even into Tuesday.

Duke Energy says priority restoration goes to essential services like hospitals, utilities, police, fire and  911. Other than that, the priority is to fix the problems impact the most customers.

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