Fireworks shows impacted by dry conditions

GREEN TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Firefighters in Green Township doused the lawn of Kuliga Park with water Tuesday in preparation for their evening fireworks show.

"Oh it's dry," Green Township Fire Marshal Rick Bell said of the lawn the townships fireworks would be set off from. "Look at the tire tracks form our vehicles coming in."

The watering efforts are an attempt to keep the lawn firework friendly.

"We've never had an incident and if we do we have the staff here," Bell said. "Between us and Rozzi's crew we'll certainly be able to take care of any incidents that occur."

"We want to make sure the fireworks are set up straight up and down, make sure that the fireworks that are angled are angled away from people," Dustin Purvis of Rozzi Fireworks said.

With a good pre-show soak and show time precautions like firefighters standing by, Dustin Purvis is confident they'll have a fire-free fireworks show that goes out with a bang.

"If you don't go out with a lot of booms, nobody wants to see that show," Purvis said.

In Colerain, they are keeping a close eye on Mother Nature as they look forward to their Saturday fireworks show.

"If the wind, rain, or the dry conditions play a factor we'll be the bad guy, we'll say no," Colerain Assistant Fire Chief Rick Niehaus said.

Rich Niehaus says they are doing everything they can keep Saturday's show on track.

"You can tell there has been help watering," Niehaus said pointing out over the hill where the fireworks will be viewed. "The farther out in the field where the viewers will be sitting it's pretty dry. It has been cut pretty close the ground to minimize any vegetation from actually catching fire and spreading."

Niehaus's biggest concern is  the wooded area near where the high-flying fireworks will be set off.

"Depending on the wind direction which is usually out of the west, it's going to carry the debris off to behind me," Niehaus said. "It's a wooded area that leads over to a subdivision."

He says it is not the trees he is worried about, but the dry ground underneath.

Niehaus says he is optimistic that plenty of watering in the wooded area will allow the fireworks show to go on.

Burn bans have been ordered for Dearborn County in Indiana and for Kenton County in Kentucky due to the lack of rain and high temperatures.

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