Burn bans allow the use of fireworks in the Tri-state

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A number of burn bans are in effect across the Tri-state due to the dry conditions.

In Kentucky, Boone County and Kenton County have declared burn bans. However in both Kentucky counties the use of fireworks is listed as an exception to the ban.

In Indiana, Dearborn County issued an emergency no burn proclamation but fireworks are not listed as one of the prohibited activities for residents.

Party at Trav's Fireworks in Lawrenceburg says the main concern during a dry period is the use of rockets.

"If you're responsible and you're using products that go straight up in the air and explode, everything burns out in the sky, nothings coming back down. You're not going to be setting things on fire, you're not going to have to worry about that," says owner Travis Chrisman.

"If there's an item to not use and you're concerned about burning, it's rockets."

In Florence Phantom Fireworks Store Manager Jerad LeBretton says sales are a bit low due to the Boone County's ban even though it does not prevent the use of fireworks.

Every customer at Phantom must show a license or ID and sign a common liability waiver before shopping in the store.

"We're asking you to abide by all the proper laws, you're telling us that you'll abide by whatever laws your individual state has decided upon," says LeBretton.

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