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How to clean your computer before Malware Monday


Monday, hundreds of thousands of computers around the United States may stop connecting to the internet thanks to a malware virus called DNSChanger. Here is how to make sure your computer will still work:

1) Back-up your computer. Copy important pictures, videos, music, and documents to a thumb drive or portable hard drive. This should be done at least once a month and before making any changes or updates to the software on your computer.

2) Run computer updates now. Make sure your anti-virus software is up-to-date and running properly. PC users should also run Microsoft Update to make sure your computer is updated with the latest software. If your computer will not allow updates to the software or anti-virus program, your computer may be infected. Seek professional help.

3) Check the computer. Visit websites like or to automatically determine if your computer is infected.


The FBI has also put together a "how-to" document to determine if your computer is infected by "DNSChanger" malware and what to do to fix the problem. You can read that document here:

FBI How-To Clean DNSChanger Malware

You should also never click on links in emails or on websites you do not trust, even from people you know... and verify with the sender before opening attachments in emails.

History of DNSChanger

In November 2011, U.S. prosecutors announced Operation Ghost Click where a ring of cybercreeps were busted for infecting millions of computers with malware they named DNSChanger.   The malware changes the DNS settings of your computer, sending you through a rogue server to the internet in order to steal personal information about you.

When the FBI busted the cybercreeps, they created clean Internet DNS servers to block the malware.  The FBI has been re-routing infected computers to a safe place since then, but the FBI cannot take over infected computers to clean them.  

Monday, that re-routing by the FBI will end, and infected computers will no longer be able to connect to the internet.

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