Cat clinic gets new A/C unit after old one stolen

MADISONVILLE, OH (FOX19) - The Ohio Alleycat Resource has a new air conditioning unit after thieves took their old one.

"Someone had cut a hole in our chain link fence and had stolen our air conditioner for copper parts," said Charlotte White-Hull, the clinic's outreach director.

The thieves ripped apart the air conditioner causing about $4,500 in damage for less than $30 worth of copper.

White-Hull says the clinic's staff is always mindful of security, but they never thought someone would steal their air conditioner.

"I'm just really disappointed that this happened. We're a non-profit group and our mission is to help homeless cats and now we're not able to do that today because we're diverting our resources to get this problem solved," she said.

As outdoor temperatures hovered around 100 degrees last week, temperatures inside the cat shelter were a sweltering 90 degrees, but White-Hull says it wasn't hot enough to hurt these felines.

"We don't believe the cats' health will be threatened by this incident," but she said the cats were uncomfortable for a few days.

White-Hull says the heat forced the clinic to suspend adoptions. "It was just too hot for the cats and the potential customers so this weekend we're having a special adoption push. We're going to have special open house hours here in our building."

White-Hull says the cats are now getting some relief. "We're happy that our new air conditioner is installed and that our cats are going to be feeling some relief soon. We have a new unit. We had hoped to put the new unit on the roof, but we would have had to have gone through permitting channels and we just didn't have time to do that. We wanted to resolve this situation as quickly as possible."

The new air conditioner was made possible, in part, by donations from the community, she said. "Kind people have stopped by and given us a thousand dollars in donations, but we're still several thousand dollars short so we'd appreciate any support."

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