I really wish I could tell you that you were going to kick off your weekend with some cooler temperatures, but unfortunately that's not the case. The heat wave is continuing to get even hotter with partly cloudy skies and highs hitting triple digits (a whopping 100 degrees!) Please be sure to stay in the shade and drink plenty of water while we have these record breaking temps lingering around the tri-state.

Be sure to check out Frank Marzullo starting at 4 AM for your current weather conditions and a complete seven-day forecast.

A man who went on the run after an Erlanger murder has been brought back to the Kenton County jail. Timothy Grissett was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon in Newberry County, South Carolina, after police listed him as the suspect in the beating death of 26-year-old Tasha Nichole Campbell. Rob Williams and Sheila Gray will have all of the details on this case coming up at 5 AM.

It's a big day for the folks of Over-the-Rhine as the Washington Park opens today. Dan Wells will be out live this morning with more information on the ribbon cutting ceremony and what it means for the OTR community.

I know we're still in the midst of the summer season, but it's never too early to start thinking about football! Cincinnati Bengals fans will be able to enjoy more games from home this year after NFL team owners have decided to lift the blackout rule for games to be locally televised. The only requirement is that at least 85% of the tickets to the game have to be sold.

Over the last decade, the TSA has definitely cracked down on airport security...but are they starting to go overboard? Some travelers in Colorado sure think so after the TSA has been asking them to hand over drinks they buy inside the airport terminal for additional testing. You can hear their reactions to the new safety measure at 6 AM.

Who would you consider to be the top bullies in movies of the 80s? Us here at FOX19 have compiled a list that you movie buffs won't want to miss at 6:35!

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? If so, you'll want to tune-in at 9:25! Laura Hoevener and Terri Weeks from Adventures around Cincinnati will be in the studio with some family-friendly places to visit that you might not have thought of before!

That's all I have for you for your Friday morning headlines - as always, you can hear these stories and much more on the FOX19 Morning News followed by the Morning Xtra at 9 AM!

Have a great weekend and I'll talk to you on Monday! :)