Area residents with no A/C find ways to beat the heat

Ohio Governor John Kasich is urging everyone to make sure their neighbors and relatives are okay and keeping cool during the current heat wave.

Three people in central Ohio have died because of the heat and thousands are still without power.

State leaders have opened cooling centers across the state so those without  air conditioning can find some relief.

Most people are handling the heat with plenty of cold water and trying to avoid being out in the sun as much as possible.

For people without A/C like Jocelyn Martin the heat has been unrelenting. Martin says she's dealing with it the best she can. "I have a fan in my window and a fan outside of my door just to keep the heat out," said Martin.

Martin lives at the Anna Louise Inn where many residents don't have air conditioning, but she says she's found ways to cope. "I have a cooler in my room filled with ice and a lot of water....bottled water and I tend to drink a lot of water. I got a lot of fruit in my room right now. Not eating a lot of heavy stuff because its just too hot to eat anything heavy," said Martin.

In Walnut Hills Kyra Dowdell and her children spent the day at the swimming pool which on a hot day can feel like bath water. Dowdell says its still refreshing. "Even though the water's hot it still feels good for the most part so you stay in there as long as you can to cool off your body temperature then you get out and you feel a lot better," said Dowdell.

Regina Phillips says she seeks refuge from the heat at the pool because she has no air conditioning at home. "It's rough, you know, we blow fans trying to keep cool, eating popsicles," said Phillips.

The fire department's EMS supervisor Joe Rosemeyer says heat is putting more demands on the city's paramedics who are getting a significant increase in calls especially during smog alerts. "If people have asthma it will increase their asthma. If people have heart disease they have problems with just dissipating the heat so if they go out in this heat it just increases heart rate and actually causes chest pain or something in that line," said Rosemeyer.

Rosemeyer says for those who don't have air conditioning the key to staying healthy is staying hydrated. "The best thing is to alternate water and sports drinks just to get the electrolytes back in the system also because you're sweating so much," he said.

Lt. Rosemeyer says if you start to get a headache, feel dizzy or nauseous that could be a sign of heat exhaustion and he recommends limiting the use of caffeine and alcohol.

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