Girl Scout Mom Charged With Stealing Cookie Dough


hy did you take it," asked FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi. "I didn't," replied the woman accused of theft.

The mother of three young children faces prison time for a crime, police say, could have been avoided.

"If she would have taken what her grandmother gave her and turned it over to the Girl Scouts we probably wouldn't be here today," said Delhi Township Police Lt. John Coletta.

According to police, here's what happened. Some time in March, Anita Barnes stole nearly $1,500 from a Girl Scout troop in Delhi. The money was raised through cookie sales. Barnes was in charge of the cookie dough. The accused thief's daughter, by the way, was a member of that troop.

Barnes is also charged with stealing $1,500 from her 70-year-old grandmother, who Anita Barnes' family lived with the past three years. The relative took out a loan to cover the cookie debt.

"The grandmother wanted to step up and help her granddaughter. So she secured the money and gave it to her. The granddaughter then ran off with that money," explained Coletta.

Before police issued a warrant, FOX 19 offered Anita Barnes an opportunity to come clean on TV, and clear her name. She declined. Seventeen days after the warrant was issued, Barnes surrendered to police.

FOX 19 caught up with the alleged cookie dough bandit outside the Hamilton County Courthouse.

"Why did you take it (money)," asked Sussi. "I didn't," said Barnes walking away from the cameras. "Where did it go then," asked Sussi.

Barnes walked away and said she'll tell her story in court.

Anita Barnes is free on her own recognizance, and has a preliminary hearing in July.