FOX 19 Helps Clean Up Smelly Situation

Take a good look at this foul pool of contamination. And trust me, if FOX 19 had smell-a-vision, the stench lingering over this cesspool would knock you over.


he smell is horrendous," said a neighbor.

That's because under these boards and rocks is a broken sewer line. And for the past five weeks, every time somebody in this apartment building flushes the toilet, the waste flows out of this broken pipe into this woman's backyard.

"I don't know what word to use. Doo-doo and all kinds of stuff in my back yard," said Lisa Phillips who lives next door to the apartment building.

Lisa says she's complained to both the landlord and the City of Cincinnati. But nothing's been done to stop doo-doo from flowing onto her property.

"They keep citing him (landlord) but he doesn't seem to pay attention to the cites," she said.

Tired of all the crap, Lisa called FOX 19.

"I just keep getting the runaround."

That same day, FOX Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi called the city's building and health departments.

"It's bad," reported Sussi. "You can drive up and smell it."

City inspectors came out and agreed that this mess had to be cleaned up ASAP. This time, the city told owner Robert Ridenour he had 48 hours to repair this broken sewer line. Or else this area would be declared a public health emergency. The building would be evacuated. And this sewer line repaired at his expense.

Ridenour is on probation for drug charges and apparently didn't want any more trouble. Because two days later the sewer line was repaired. No more doo-doo in Lisa's back yard.

During a brief telephone conversation, Ridenour blamed the broken sewer line on the people who live there clogging up the tiolets. H also said he's in the process of evicting several people, and selling the building.