Concrete Guy Refuses To Finish Job

Folks, pay close attention. This story ends, the way it begins. Our contractor leaving the job.

"Where you going, Keith," shouts FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi to the moving car. "Keith!"

Back to our hard-headed concrete guy in a bit.

In March, Barbara Flowers hired Keith Brewster. The contract clearly states Barbara's old driveway will be replaced with a new one including the sidewalk and apron. Barbara paid Brewster $5,900 cash!

But take a look. Brewster didn't finish the job. Barbara says before Brewster poured the concrete it failed inspection. The sub-grade had too much gravel. Apparently, Keith Brewster was trying to scrimp on concrete.

"The way it was it only had one and a half inch of concrete he'd be pouring," said Barbara.

Brewster poured the concrete he had, and told Barbara he needed another $1,200 bucks to finish the job. Barbara refused. Brewster didn't honor the contract. So, between a rock and hard place, Barbara called FOX 19.

"If anybody could help me, I felt Tom could help me."

Now back to Keith Brewster.

"Is this your contract," Sussi asked Brewster, who said it was. "What's not true about it," Sussi asked Brewster. Brewster smiled and said he didn't finish the job because he wasn't paid for the sidewalk.

But when FOX 19 once again pointed out that the sidewalk was included in the contract, Brewster walked to his car and said he to make a telephone call.

We waited. And waited. And waited. And, about five minutes later, Keith Brewster drove off.

"Where you going, Keith," Sussi shouted. Keith!"

Keith Brewster. Hang on. You're driving into the Tell, Tom Dog House!