Ad Promises You Get Paid to Shop!

When this high school senior came across a local newspaper ad, Nickole Alfano thought she found the perfect part-time job.


ou get paid for shopping," she said.

Nickole called the 800-number listed on the ad, and said the telemarketer told her she could make big bucks evaluating products and services at retail stores in the Tri-State.

"They said it would be easy to male $500 bucks in a week."

All Nickole had to do is pay the company $68.90 plus tax for a start-up kit. Nickole said the company told her the money wouldn't be deducted from her bank account for at least 30 days. The company, she said, also promised she could get a full refund within that time.

So Nicole gave the telemarketer her bank information and ordered the kit.

48 hours later, Nickole got a surprise. The company withdrew $71.99 from her account. Nickole didn't have enough money to cover it so she was slammed with over-draft charges. Nickole was now $117.20 in the hole.

Nickole called the company, but said it refused to refund the money or cover the over-draft fees.

That's when Nickole's boyfriend called FOX 19 for help.

"I was upset and he said you basically got ripped off and to Tell, Tom."

That same day, FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi called the California-based business.

"I'm looking at that newspaper ad, and it says nothing about fees," Sussi told the company.

A few days after FOX 19 contacted the company, Nickole got her money back.

"I'm just happy I got my money back. I guess I'll find another job some place else."

According to the Better Business Bureau in California the company - Consumer Response Group - was started last month.

We also learned the company's owner was once prosecuted by the Federal Trade Commission regarding another business he ran. The violations: billing customers with out their authorization and failing to disclose terms of its refund policies.