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Kentucky's liquor ban on Election Day up for repeal


The Commonwealth of Kentucky and South Carolina are the only two states to ban the sale of alcohol on Election Day. The ban is only in effect while voting polls are open.

Kentucky State Representative Arnold Simpson is trying to change the decades old law. Simpson introduced a bill to repeal the ban statewide.

"I don't know any rationale for not passing this bill, this is a common sense measure," says Simpson.

In Covington several businesses, bars and restaurants lose money on Election Day without the option of alcohol sales. Stadium Liquor estimates it loses about a thousand dollars every Election Day.

"I think it would probably generate, if we pass it, probably on the years we have elections, approximately a half million dollars," says Simpson.

Jill Christman works in food service and agrees the law needs to be repealed.

"For businesses that don't necessarily sell food and they're just a bar, they can't even do anything, and they're losing out on money because from 11-6 they can't do anything, they can't even open their doors,"says Christman.

"Most people are very surprised especially people from Ohio or basically outside of Kentucky they're very surprised and they usually find it hilarious," says Chip Adkins who also has experience in food service.

Simpson says the law has been in place since the early 1930's and there are several counties in Kentucky that still support the idea.

"Most Kentucky counties are dry, but in Northern Kentucky we're principally wet, therefore they're very supportive of the option," says Simpson.

This is Simpson's fifth time introducing the bill to the Kentucky Statehouse. On Friday he will present his proposal to the License and Occupation Committee in Frankfurt.

If approved it will have to go through both the House and Senate before becoming law.

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