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What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta!

for all those UC fans out there! for all those UC fans out there!

It's amazing how 85 degrees can feel like spring time weather compared to what we've been dealing with for the past couple of weeks!

In all actuality, we're finally back down to the normal temperatures for this time of year and it sure feels good! Meteorologist Katy Morgan is saying that we can expect mostly sunny skies with a few clouds here and there and highs hitting the mid to upper 80s.

For all things weather including your current conditions and a complete seven-day forecast, be sure to check out Katy and Frank on the FOX19 Morning News starting at 4 AM.

Police are searching for a 33-year-old Ohio woman who went missing while vacationing with her boyfriend and two kids last week. Lynn Jackenheimer of Ashland, OH went to Nags Head, NC with 27-year-old Nathan Summerfield and her two children, but did not return with the group on Sunday. Summerfield is now on the run and is driving a dark gray 2009 Honda Civic, license plate FMV7540.

What do you think about this? Kentucky State Representatives are pushing to have the Election Day liquor ban uplifted. Currently, alcohol sales are not allowed on Election Day while the voting polls are open.

We want to hear your thoughts - do you agree or disagree with the State's push? Call us on our RANT hotline (513-655-RANT) or you can post your comments to the FOX19 Facebook page!

The trial begins today for 17-year-old Lance Tiernan who is accused of killing another teen at a Butler County group home last December. Dan Wells will be live in Hamilton this morning with more information on this tragic case.

Did you know that sitting for less than three hours a day can help you live a longer life? Researchers used data from a national health survey to estimate the number of deaths associated with the time people spent sitting. If that doesn't make you want to go do a lap around the office, I don't know what will! Rob Williams and Sheila Gray will have more details on this study at 5 AM.

Kia Crittenden is in the house and you know what that means! Full bellies for us and delicious new recipes to try for you - it's a win/win situation! Tune in at 8:15 to see what our favorite kitchen vixen whips up this time!

That's all I have for you this morning, but as always, for these stories and much more you can tune-in to the FOX19 Morning News followed by the Morning Xtra at 9 AM!

Have a great Tuesday!


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