Benefactor vows to rebuild Butler County baseball shelter

Shelter will be rebuilt for Challenger league baseball team

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - A Milford company is coming forward to help the Challenger Baseball League after its park shelter was knocked down during a car crash in a stolen vehicle. The crash happened early Monday morning at Crawford Woods.

"My heart went out to the kids because this is something for them that they would not normally have and to have it taken away for something so stupid," said Marie Weeks, whose granddaughter plays in the league.

ProMaster Home Repair & Handyman has volunteered to help.

"One of my craftsmen, Ben, who lives up in Hamilton, saw the news report on FOX19, " said company president, Don Kennedy. "He immediately emailed me and said, 'hey Don we out to do this' and I said, 'absolutely.'"

"Thank God there are people like this that do come forward and help out for such a wonderful cause," said Weeks.

Hamilton Police say 18-year-old John Fackey is responsible for the destruction by driving a stolen truck into the shelter. Fackey is being held without bond in the Butler County jail on a parole violation.

Kennedy hopes to start the rebuild soon.

"Hopefully here in the near future we'll have these kids shelter rebuilt before the summer's over," he said.

The league's president estimates the cost to rebuild to be about $11,000. Kennedy says his company will, "Probably seek some volunteer labor. I know most of the guys in my company will want to help. They love doing projects like this. But like I said, we'll get it done," said Kennedy.

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