Participants weigh in on World Choir Games success

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - As the World Choir Games near a close, participants are already heralding the event as a success.

From atop the Carew Tower, on Albuquerque girls choir got a clear view of a city they could not picture before the competition.

"You never think Ohio, right?" member Dulce Romero said.

Cincinnati is a city sometimes known best by four letters.

"We were excited, but we didn't know much about Cincinnati," admitted participant Dennis Quiambao from Los Angeles. "I know Cincinnati from the old television program Cincinnati WKRP."

Even local groups had their eyes opened to what downtown has to offer during the games.

"We were kind of apprehensive about getting lost down here and so we never frequented and now we're getting more confident in our bearings," Lesley Barry of Spingdale said.

Barry never spent much time downtown before the games, but her friend Patty Kohlmorgen punches the clock here every day and says she never really knew what she had been missing.

"Now getting out during the choir games, yeah, it's changed my perspective on a whole lot of things," Kohlmorgen said. "I've ventured out more."

What they're finding, along with thousands of visitors, is a city to be proud of.

"We love this city," Romero exclaimed. "It's beautiful."

"Not much about the weather," Quiambo said with a laugh. "But the people!"

"I think it's a beautiful town," shared Mao Binghua of China. "It's not so big, but we feel comfortable here."

Quiambo has been to three different choir games around the world and says it gets better every time.

"Logistically it could be a nightmare, [but] it's very organized," he said congratulating the City of Cincinnati.

"The transportation, the Metro, that has been done very well," Barry said.

Dulce Romero couldn't think of a thing she would change.

"I'm really satisfied actually," she said.

Others, however, say there were a few things they would do differently.

"The advertisement outside of Cincinnati is just not there and that's really unfortunate," participant Stephanie Bienz said.

"Perhaps more signs on the road," Binghua added.

Quiambo suggested making sure all buses were air conditioned.

Many are hopeful the cool factor will outweigh the heat as people remember their time in downtown Cincinnati for the games.

"There's been an idea that everything is dying down here but I think this is changing that," Kohlmorgen said.

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