Triple digit temps could impact your health

Triple digit temps could impact your health

Temperatures are on the rise again in the Tri-state.

FOX19 conducted a little experiment to determine how the human body responds to heat in triple digit temperatures.

Reporter Emily Wood had her blood pressure, temperature and heart rate taken before and after sitting outside in the sun for 30 minutes. The temperature at the time was 100 degrees with 107 heat index.

Here are the comparisons:

BEFORE: BP 123/81

AFTER: BP 141/85

BEFORE: Pulse 99 BPM

AFTER: Pulse 104 BPM

BEFORE: Temperature 97.5

AFTER: Temperature 98.7

''That's pretty impressive," says Dr. Arthur Pancioli.

"Because your blood pressure went up almost 20 points, your heart rate went up five points, your temperature went up a degree just sitting there in the sun so if you imagine it for a few hours, that trend could continue, add in activity, make yourself dehydrated from not drinking enough water or more activity and you're going to get in trouble in a hurry," says Pancioli.

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