Police: Teens tried to kidnap 8-year-old boy

ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Two teenagers are facing charges after police say they tried to kidnap an 8-year-old boy.

According to a police report from the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, the boy was playing wiffle ball on Monday with some his friends at Ayer Elementary School when two 16-year-olds pulled up in a car.

One of the teens got out of the car and offered them some candy while the other teen stayed in the car.

The teen then grabbed the victim by the waist, picked him up and began taking him towards the vehicle.

Friends of the victim ran after them, attempting to stop them. The suspect eventually dropped the boy, jumped in the car and fled.

The victim was not hurt.

One of the friends, a freshman at Anderson High School, said he recognized the teens as students at his school.

He and the other boys looked at an Anderson High School yearbook to attempt to identify the suspects.

They were able to provide police with the name of one of the suspects, as well as a description of the car, which led police to the second suspect.

The teens are charged with kidnapping and being held at the Hamilton County Juvenile Detention Center.

During the course of their investigation, the Hamilton County Sheriff Office developed information that the two suspects were inspired by the movie Dazed and Confused.

Part of the 1993 movie involves the kidnapping and eventual hazing of high school freshman.

"I think it's fairly isolated, you certainly hope it is," shared resident Scott Springer. "It's alarming that two teenagers would consider doing such a thing. I don't understand that."

"It almost sounds more like a prank and that's what I hope it was," area resident and mother Karen Caldwell shared.

"It was really brave what the kid did to go up there and tell the guys to stop and go away and 'Get off my friend'," Caldwell's young son Calvin said. "Because it's really hard when there's two sixteen year olds and you're only eight or nine."

Hamilton County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Sean Donovan says he does not take the matter lightly no matter what prompted the teens' actions. He says while luckily in this case no one was hurt, things could have turned out much worse if help had not arrived for the young boy.

"If they would have been successful and got this eight-year-old into a car, he could have tried to escape from the car," Donovan said. "There's many, many things that could have gone wrong and they didn't because people got involved." 

FOX19 reached out to the parent of the victim but they did not wish to comment. The families of the two suspects were not able to be reached.

A bind over hearing is being held on July 26 to determine whether or not they will be tried as adults.

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