Canoers weather the storm on the Whitewater River

It was a scary moment for many parents watching an air boat run up and down the Whitewater River, searching for any signs of danger or capsized canoes.

Luckily, every canoer returned safe and this group of recent high school graduates had no idea there was even an emergency unfolding to find them.

"We didn't know that anything wrong was happening," said canoer Mathew Hamilton. "It seemed safe so we kept going."

Emotionally reunited with their children, many parents were worried once Wednesday evening's storm hit because no one had a cell phone on the water.

Several of these teens knew what to do even though it was their first time on the river in the middle of a thunderstorm.

"There is a great potential that the heavy winds and rain can capsize a canoe," said Scott Schorsch, Whitewater Township fire chief.

It was a frightening reminder that mother nature is unpredictable, but this time kept everyone safe while on the water.

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