Life in tornado ravaged Moscow slowly returns to normal

MOSCOW, OH (FOX19) - Many will never forget images that came out of Moscow in Clermont County the morning after the deadly tornadoes of March 2.

Local residents continue to rebuild their lives four and a half months later.

In regard to recent conditions, what goes on in the minds of these people when the threat of severe weather approaches?

The recent high winds and rain haven't helped tornado recovery efforts, but when severe weather does comes tornado survivor Bonnie Warman says the people in Moscow pay attention.

"When we see the red on the radar we take a better look at what's going on," she said.

Susan Jones works as the village event planner and says severe weather puts people on edge.

"The storms that come through yesterday, I would say, it did put everybody on edge. Everybody that sat and went through the tornado," she said.

Moscow still bears the scars of that storm.

Roofs throughout the village are covered with blue tarps, but the recent winds and rains keep blowing them off, which is making repairs to storm damaged homes take that much longer.

"The recovery from the tornado is slowly, but surely and different residents and the village are processing and moving on at different levels," said Jones. "Some of us have already, things are completed. Some of us are in the process of waiting for our insurance."

Bonnie Warman is still wrangling with her insurance company, but she says what helped this village pull through was all the support they received.

"We've had Buddhists from China. We've had people from all over the world send money and contributions and donations to this little village. We're no longer just a one horse town. Because of a tornado, people know that we're here," she said.

Jones says the residents also pulled together.

"When a disaster comes along everybody just comes together and its kind of like what do we need to do and the first process is getting the residents, seeing where everybody's at, what needs to be done and just try to meet the needs that come up everyday."

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