Chief Craig appeals to waive police certification exam

LONDON, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig attended a hearing on Thursday for an appeal over certification on a state police exam.

Ohio state law requires that all officers take the certification test.

The hearing was held just west of Columbus, to determine whether or not Chief Craig will need to take the exam.

However, Craig says he completed the training in the state of California years ago when he was a rookie officer with the Los Angeles Police Department.

"California POST requirements exceed that of Ohio's OPOTC (Ohio Peace Officers Training Commission)," said Craig. "So where, I might ask, does it say that I arbitrarily sit through 30 hours of class, which I did, and then take a 200 question police officer exam? I'm just trying to understand it."

Craig believes his time would be better spent working, rather than studying for the test.

According to the Ohio Attorney General's Office, an exception has never been made.

A final decision is expected to be reached within the next two weeks.

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